If you are experiencing difficulty going up and down stairs due to limited mobility or other health issues, a stairlift is a surefire way to help you easily move from floor to floor. There are several different types of stairlifts, and many models come with various features. But which of these features are important? What should you look for in a stairlift?

 Rail Shape

One of the most important factors to consider is the rail shape of the stairlift. The rail shape that you choose will be completely dependent on the stairs in your home. Manufacturers offer stairlifts in a variety of shapes to accommodate different types of stairways. There are three basic rail shapes. Straight rails only go straight up and down. Curved rails are designed for spiral or other curved staircases. L-shaped rails are for those stairways that feature 90 degree angles.

Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority when choosing your mobility solution. Some stairlifts offer safety sensors that detect when there is an obstacle in the way. The device will automatically shut off until the obstacle is removed, and it can safely proceed. You will want to take note of the type of cable that is used in the stairlift. For example, aircraft cable can hold up to 4,200 pounds and can safely support any person. A safety feature that is offered on all of Next Mobility’s stairlifts is battery operation. Even if the electricity fails, you can still operate the stairlift on battery power during an emergency.

Platform Options

Various platform options make stairlifts helpful and comfortable for all types of users. On many models, the platform can switch between sit and stand mode. This way users can either sit or stand when being transported up or down the stairs. There are also several seating options. For example, a perch seat may be more suitable than a standard seat for those with knee problems. When choosing a stairlift, also consider the adjustability of the seat. Can the back, footrests, and height of the seat be adjusted for comfort?

Swivel Ability

Most stairlifts feature seats that swivel. Check to make sure that the staircase you are considering is fully functional in this regard. Seats should easily swivel in the direction the user wants to go. At the top or bottom of the stairs, it should be able to turn in the other direction without hassle. Users can also use this functionality to swivel in the direction of others to converse while riding.

Remote Control

Remote control is a useful feature in a stairlift. It will allow the user to call the lift to the top or bottom if he or she is on the opposite floor. Remote control also allows for power saving as you can turn the device off when not in use.

A stairlift should easily, comfortably, and safely transport the user from one floor to another. Look for the above mentioned features when considering a stairlift. For more information about high-quality stairlifts, contact Next Step Mobility Solutions.