Could You Benefit From a Stair Lift?

Most people think that losing access to the upstairs bedroom forces them to leave their home. Whether an accident, aging, or physical limitations, a stair lift can extend your enjoyment of your home. We offer stair lifts for every situation — inside or outside; straight or curved; for immediate installation or for short term rental.

“Quiet, quick and easy to use. Our stair lift from Next Step Mobility has given us our home back!”

Reclaim your upstairs living space

With a Next Step Mobility stair lift, you are not limited to the first floor. Reclaim the upstairs and the rest of your home.

Remain independent

Your family worries about you living at home. A Next Step Mobility stair lift protects you from a potential fall.

Restore your safety

It is impossible to put a price on your safety at home. If you are worried about a loved one possibly falling, then a Next Step Mobility stair lift can give you peace of mind.

“We feel safe in our home with our stair lift from Next Step Mobility.”

Warranty and Service

Next Step Mobility stair lifts are built to the highest standards and are backed by industry-leading warranties. We include one year free maintenance with every stair lift we sell and install.

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