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Improperly installed handrails are dangerous! We have chosen to offer the strongest and most attractive handrail system on the market, one that exceeds residential, institutional and commercial code specifications and complies with all requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Don’t risk injuring yourself due to inadequate handrails that fail at the moment of need. Let us show you the right way to solve this important mobility issue.

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The best handrails for your home

Next Step Mobility offers the unique, stylish and ADA compliant continuous handrail from PromenAid.  This patented, modular handrail system is the first and only modular handrail that can be used anywhere – hallways, stairs, bathrooms, walkways – in dry or wet conditions.  It is available in a modern champagne-anodized finish, or in a rich architectural bronze finish with antique brass accessories to complement the traditional décor, PromenAid meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and complies with international residential and commercial standards.

Elegant, yet strong.

The PromenAid design fits every decor, blending in beautifully, with modern champagne anodized or traditional architectural bronze finishes.  Durable and rust-proof, PromenAid railings are at home outdoors and indoors, from stairs to shower stalls.

Brackets align with the stud, each time, every time.

Brackets align even to irregularly spaced studs and each bracket support 500 lbs delivering a solid and secure installation every time.

Continuous rail for added safety

With its unique, articulating joints, PromenAid allows Next Step Mobility to offer you the most continuous and elegant handrail system.  There is no need to try to find where the nearest handrail is located.  With a continuous handrail you know that the closest handrail is just at your side.

Even in the most complex corner angles, even corners with changing slopes, the unique articulating elbow connector from PromenAid allows for simple, precise and continuous corner connections.

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