It’s no secret that certain difficulties come with age. One of those difficulties is mobility. If you or an older loved one are having
difficulty getting around, you can find relief in the fact that there are great mobility solutions for seniors out there. Everyone’s situation is different. Some may simply need a little extra assistance to get out of a chair while others need help getting up and down the stairs. In any case, you can surely find a mobility aide that works for your needs. Here’s a rundown of a few of the mobility solutions available on the market. We carry all of these products here at Next Step Mobility.

1. Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are one of the most popular mobility solutions for seniors. It is simply a mechanical device for lifting people up and down a set of stairs. Stair lifts mainly feature two components, which are a rail and carriage. The rail is mounted onto the treads of the stairs and the carriage, a chair-like device where the senior will sit, moves up and down along it. It is an excellent solution for seniors who live in a two-story house, but have been limited to the first floor.

2. Wheelchair Ramps

Many homes and other buildings feature elevated entrances that are only accessible through a set of stairs. This is a significant issue for seniors who use a wheelchair, electronic scooter, or have difficulty walking. A wheelchair ramp is one of the mobility solutions for seniors that solves this problem. Ramps can be classified into three different types: modular, threshold, and portable. Modular ramps are more permanent set-ups that can be configured to any preexisting structure. Threshold ramps provide easier access for doorways, uneven surfaces, and single-step rises. Finally, portable ramps are lightweight and can be taken anywhere. Their most common use is for providing quick access to vehicles.

3. Lift Chairs

There are even mobility solutions for seniors who need help getting up and down from a chair. Joint problems can often make this a difficult chore. Lift chairs work via a powered lifting mechanism that lifts the chair up from its base to assist a user to a standing position. The great thing is that these chairs are not some unattractive chunk of metal. They are available in many styles and colors with options like heat and vibrating massage.

4. Water Access Devices

Without assistance, it can be difficult for seniors to move in and out of pools and spas. There are mobility solutions for seniors that will allow them to enjoy spending time in the water. The senior sits in a specialized chair and a lift mechanism lowers or raises him or her into the water. At Next Step Mobility, we carry aquatic lifts from Aqua Creek. Each of their designs are up to ADA (American Disabilities Act) standards.

It doesn’t mean that you have to stop moving around altogether just because it has become more difficult. At Next Step, we will work with you to make sure that you can get around to where you need to as comfortably as possible. Contact us for more information.