Ten Things You Should Consider

  1. The cost of stairlifts can vary significantly

    Stairlift systems start at about $3,500 and can increase to more than $10,000 based on the stairway you are trying to equip. Straight stairways are the easiest and least expensive to outfit. If your stairway is curved or has turns with landings or transitional steps, the solution usually involves a custom design. It is always a good idea to get more than one proposal to make sure you are getting the best options on price, quality and performance.

  2. There are stairlift systems for almost any stairway

    Straight stair lifts are the quickest to deliver, easiest to install and least costly. These require only a brief survey of your stairs. On the other hand, curved stairways are more complex and usually require a custom solution. Our sales representative will help you visualize your custom stairlift with a simulated 3D video software using photos of your home so you can see how it will look and operate.

  3. Optional features can greatly enhance the benefits you realize

    For example, if you have arthritis or limited use of hands or fingers, there are optional features like soft rubber joysticks that almost anyone can operate. If your stairway is narrow, we offer slim designs that take up less space. There are several color and fabric choices to help your stairlift blend in with your home décor.

  4. No structural alterations are needed for indoor systems

    All you need are sturdy staircase steps. There is no need to attach to or modify walls for the installation of a stairlift.

  5. Stairlift systems are battery operated and safe to use

    You need not fear getting trapped if the electric power goes out. Our systems are battery operated and will safely transport you up or down during electric power outages. Our stairlifts also incorporate safety sensors that immediately stop movement when sensing a problem. In addition, gear assemblies are fully enclosed to avoid contact with clothing and body parts. Next Step representatives will demonstrate all the safety features of your new stairlift, including the safety belt and swivel seats.

  6. Stairlifts can be installed quickly

    Most systems can be installed in one day. Straight stairlifts may be available the same day or within a few days depending on the options you choose. Custom systems for curved stairways will take longer – 4-6 weeks is typical.

  7. It’s possible to save money with a used system

    Yes, you can save money with a used stairlift. Just as when buying a used car, have a trained technician inspect it for you to determine its condition and its performance. Most important, ask whether it will fit and work in your home. Of course, a used unit may bring additional risks as warranties are usually not available. At the same time, ask if a maintenance service program may be all you need.

  8. Stairlift systems can be rented, too

    If you only need a stairlift for a brief time, or if you are not sure how long you will need one, ask about rental terms. We might be able to save you money on a rental option.

  9. It’s important to have local service for your stairlift

    Do not make the mistake of buying a stairlift online unless you are assured the unit will be serviced by a trained local technician. Many authorized stairlift distributors, including Next Step Mobility, will provide one year of maintenance at no extra cost. With a service maintenance program, your service technician will clean, adjust and lubricate the stairlift mechanical components, check proper operation of the safety systems, check electrical connections and batteries, check remotes, and test normal operation as per the factory requirements. Your sales person will explain the maintenance services that are included or recommended.

  10. Ask about warranties and warranty options

    Most manufacturers offer a 1-year limited warranty. Manufacturers of high quality stairlifts offer a more generous 2-year limited warranty and offer a lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox. Batteries are normally a consumable item and may be warranted for the first 90 days. Ask your sales person for details on the warranty.