Dag and Kim Joraholmen, Owners of Next Step Mobility SolutionsLike many people, our interest in mobility issues began with our parents. They were in good health with strong, independent personalities, and they were aging well until small things started getting in the way. Over time these small things became bigger issues. The stairs to their master bedroom upstairs seemed to get longer and steeper. The lights were not bright enough, and they tripped on “things” that were probably not there. Getting in and out of chairs was a chore, and maintaining physical balance was sometimes a challenge.

However, our parents loved their home – it offered everything they needed and they had lived in it a long time. They feared they would have to give it up and move somewhere else, and they asked for our help in dealing with the mobility issues they were facing.

This company, Next Step Mobility Solutions, has evolved from the experience we gained in that journey. Now we hope to share that knowledge with you. If your quality of life, or that of a loved one is suffering due to mobility issues, let us help you solve those problems. Let us help you take the “next step” in living an enjoyable and meaningful life.

Dag Joraholmen
Owner, Next Step Mobility Solutions